Why Work at Crown Supply?

At Crown Supply we have operated under the same leadership for almost four decades. Our culture is family based as we try to exemplify in our Company Code and Associate Promise. We do our best to see the potential in the individual and then give or provide them opportunity, if they see and take it, to blossom and grow.

We have been a steady home for many associates for 10,20 or 30 years plus. We have also been a starting point for many individuals that remain in the industry years later but have moved on. All of which we appreciate their ongoing or past contributions. We know that Company growth will allow us to present our associates with ongoing opportunities, professional and personally, as well as stability in ongoing roles for years to come.

Our industry primarily serves the trades and trades people. Neither our industry or the one we serve is high tech but they are absolutely essential, our day to day lives would not be possible without both. Our role is to support our customers efforts and opportunities. There are fewer people becoming electricians or getting into the trades in general so our role as a distributor is changing in that we are being relied on to perform tasks that allow our customer to be more productive.

Our industry is mature, stable, and growing. It is also generally overlooked as a great place to start and maintain a career. Careers in our industry and be very technical and may require a college or advanced degree and continuous training. Careers are abundant for those with minimal education providing all with opportunities for growth, the ability to earn and establish a career, not just a job.

We are constantly looking to add the right individuals to our teams. The types of individuals we are looking for hold all or most of the qualities we mention in our Company Code and Associate Promise.

Whether you are simply looking for a job where you can arrive, feel engaged, make your contribution, feel appreciated and go home or one where you feel you are committed to growing a career in the industry along one of the many paths available Crown Supply may be the perfect starting place or home for you. Apply or contact us today.

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